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Rocky Horror Vineyard

Located 15 km south of Mount Barker, Rocky Horror 1 was planted in 1999. It took two years to clear the intended vineyard site of massive subsurface boulders, some of which were the size of small cars! Once removed, many of the boulders were transported to nearby port town of Albany and used for the construction of a breakwater in King George Sound.

Technical Information

Established: 1999
Total Area Under Vine: 32.4HA
Soil Type: Deep gravel loam over ironstone.
Aspect: North and west facing.
Rainfall: Around 750mm annually mainly falling during Winter and Spring

Variety Planeted HA
Cabernet Sauvignon 1999 2.0
Cabernet Sauvignon 1999 2.0
Chardonnay B 1999 2.5
Chardonnay C 1999 3.0
Pinot Noir 1999 4.5
Shiraz A 1999 10.7
Shiraz B 1999 6.8
Merlot 1999 1.4
Sangiovese 2002 0.5
Pinot Noir 777 2012 1.0