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Crystal Brook Vineyard

The Crystal Brook vineyard is located 4 km from Rocky Horror and was planted in 1988. Like Rocky Horror, the site was also dotted with massive subsurface boulders at the time of vineyard establishment. This time the rocks were crushed, mixed with organic matter and fertiliser and added back to the soil. The vines thrived in this fertile environment, and within five years the fruit was already full of flavour.

Technical Information

Established: 1988
Total Area Under Vine: 17.1HA
Soil Type: Gravel loam to sand
Aspect: North facing slope
Rainfall: Around 750mm annually mainly falling during Winter and Spring

Variety Planted HA
Chardonnay 1988 4.3
Chardonnay 1995 1.0
Chardonnay 2000 1.7
Pinot Noir 2002 2.2
Pinot Noir 2009 0.5
Pinot Noir 2012 1.0
Cabernet Sauvignon 1988 2.2
Caberent Franc 1988 2.2
Sauvignon Blanc 2008 2.0