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The Plantagenet Winery was originally named after the Shire in which the Mount Barker vineyard assets reside – Plantagenet. Early English settlers, who favoured royalist titles, named the Plantagenet Shire.

The Plantagenet’s were the English royal house which reigned from 1154 to 1399 (Henry 2nd to Richard 2nd), the name coming from the nickname of Henry’s father, Geoffrey, Count of Anjou, who habitually wore a sprig of broom L. planta genista.

The Plantagenet portfolio of wines have all been named in honour of the Plantagenet family, a branch of the family, or the regions from where they came. Hence – ‘Aquitaine’ Cabernet Sauvignon, ‘Lancaster’ Shiraz, ‘Normand’ Pinot Noir, ‘York’ Chardonnay and ‘Angevin’ Riesling.

From our crisp, dry Riesling to the pepper and spice of our Shiraz, Plantagenet wines can be enjoyed in youth or cellared for further development and complexity.

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Three Lions

The Plantagenet’s were the first truly armigerous royal dynasty of England; meaning they were entitled to strike and bear various coats of arms.

The arms of this noble, and later royal, family, Gules, three lions passant guardant, termed colloquially "the arms of England" were first adopted by King Richard the Lionheart (1189–1199), son of King Henry II of England (1154–1189), son of Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou (1113/17–1151).

These Three Lions signified royalty, history, power and a code of conduct that was instantly recognized wherever they were displayed. So, too, does our Three Lions range of wines. They are wines with power and provenance, with the coat of arms recognised by many as a symbol of quality and prestige.

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Plantagenet's goal for every vintage is to make harmonious, expressive wines that reflect the terroir of our carefully tended vineyards in the unique Great Southern region.

Although each adhering to this philosophy, the various winemakers over Plantagenet’s history have produced a wine legacy influenced in some way by each unique personality and wine style inclinations.

We cherish the story and lineage of our museum wines and occasionally offer limited stock for purchase through our cellar door and website.

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